Terms and conditions

Application of the terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply both when an agreement is made verbally or if an agreement has been reached in writing between the company and the buyer. Even if an order has been made through the website, these terms and conditions apply. Closing a contract or making a booking means accepting the terms and conditions by the buyer, by the responsible person or the representative of the buyer and by all the passengers for which he/she purchased a ticket.


The full payment of the amounts due must be made before boarding the bus for a scheduled tour, unless explicitly agreed in writing with the company. The company and, in particular, the drivers of the company have the right to decline the boarding of a passenger who has paid his/her ticket, but cannot present the necessary documents or confirmation vouchers to board on the bus.

Any invoice not paid on expiry date will be subject to the legal interest rate (as of the 1st of January 2018) of 0.89% per month from the due date without notice. This legal interest rate shall be adjustable every year, in accordance with the legal interest rate applicable in France for companies.


All tour reservations and ticket bookings are subject to availability.

Departure times and Hop On Hop Off stops may change. The tours may experience temporary interruptions or disruptions. Of course, the company tries to minimize those inconveniences as much as possible and to inform buyers as soon as possible through all possible means of communication.



All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. A ticket for children can never be used without an accompanying adult.

Group bookings or bookings for companies or another legal entities

If the buyer is a company or another legal entity or makes a purchase for a group of persons, one person must be appointed as the responsible person. The buyer or the responsible person acts on behalf of all the passengers for which he/she has bought a ticket that will board on the same bus and belong to his / her group. If the buyer or responsible person does not intend to travel, a representative must be chosen for the group who will travel on the bus and this person needs to identify himself to the bus driver . In case of cancellation by the buyer or failure to proceed with the planned group booking or booking for companies or other legal entities, for whatever reason, the same rules apply as in other cases of cancellation by the buyer (see below).

Cancellation of a planned tour by the buyer and withdrawal

Buyers are not entitled to a refund in case of cancellation by the buyer or 'No-show' on the day of the reserved tour itself. Once the tour has ended, the buyer relinquishes his right of withdrawal.

Cancellation of the agreement by the company and deviations

In case of emergency, demonstration (such as by the yellow jackets), roadwork, technical disruptions, city events, lock-down or any other hindrance of any kind, as well as force majeure, events outside the company's will (including weather conditions) or if less than 5 passengers travel on the bus, the company can decide to cancel or discontinue a scheduled tour and cancel the agreement completely without compensation or possibility of other reimbursements for the buyer.

Malfunctions and other delays

The company tries to respect the duration of a tour. However, due to all kinds of disruptions, traffic jams or events beyond the will and control of the company, routes may take longer than planned, certain parts of the route may not be affected and/or certain departures and/or hop On Hop Off stops can be moved or canceled. In these cases, the company or employees of the company cannot be held liable for any damage or inconvenience incurred by the buyer without the right to any compensation or possibility of other reimbursement for the buyer.

Route and vehicles

The company may replace vehicles (including those of other operators) or other equipment needed for the tour, even during a tour. The routes chosen may be used or modified according to the company's discretion.

The property of the passengers

For safety reasons, on all vehicles, restrictions apply to take luggage. The buyer accepts that the drivers of the buses are the only ones who can judge what the buyers or passengers may bring on board the vehicles. Among others, large and heavy items can be refused. In case of doubt, the buyer will contact the company for advice beforehand. The company can never be held liable for stolen, lost or damaged luggage or other personal goods of the buyer or passengers on board or near the different Hop On Hop Off stops.

Food and beverages

Food and beverages (including alcoholic beverages) may not be taken or consumed in buses without the prior written consent of the company.

Behavior of the passengers

The bus driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and all passengers. The driver has the power to disregard or to remove from the vehicle any buyer or passenger who affects the safety of the vehicle and/or of the other passengers, or does not respect the Terms and Conditions or the Rules relating to Public Service Vehicles.


In case of a complaint about the company's services, the buyer will endeavor to seek a timely solution with the driver or directly with the company. If this does not give satisfaction, the buyer will file a formal written complaint, dated and signed by the buyer to the company and this within 14 calendar days of the due date of the purchased ticket.

Promotional competition and offers

The company has the right to cancel any promotional competition organized by the company at any time or to change its rules. Any decision by the company regarding promotional competitions is a final decisions. All won prizes must be claimed by the winner at the latest thirty days after announcement of the winners.

Video, photo and audio

The company can at any time make video, photo and audio material on and around the buses. The buyer and, if applicable, the passengers traveling with him/her, agree unconditionally that the company has all rights to this video, photo and audio material and may use it in all its activities, including but not limited to promotional purposes, security control and protection of fellow passengers and employees.

Website Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Accepting the terms and conditions also implies acceptance of the Website Disclaimer and the Company's Privacy Policy (http://www.citysightseeing-paris.fr).


In the event of a dispute relating directly to these terms and conditions, only the French courts shall be competent and only French laws will be applicable. In the event of a dispute between City Sightseeing Paris and clients registered at the Trade Registry and companies shall have their case brought before Paris’ Commercial Court.

Data processing of the customer

If services are supplied by City Sightseeing Paris within the framework of the customer’s order, the customer accepts explicitly that his/her personal data might be used for administrative purposes, such as the creation and the update of a customer database, shipping and invoicing, control of solvency, as well as for any other service for which the company was hired. The information supplied by the customer is necessary for the execution of the order as well as for its invoicing. Customers’ data will appear in City Sightseeing Paris’ customer database following their order. Personal details will be treated for promotional purposes, publicity and/or any other marketing purposes only with the agreement of the customer. The customer has the right to oppose, free of charge, the processing of his/her personal data in these purposes. The customer has the right to adapt or to consult the personal information concerning him/her.

Discrepancy between versions

In case of discrepancy between the different languages versions of our Terms and Conditions, the French version shall prevail.